Sheep Sales

“A good, honest farmers’ sale”

“Quality stock and good prices”

“A convenient site for buyers and vendors” 

These are comments we hear regularly at our annual sheep auctions held on the Tenbury Wells showground in Shropshire from August to mid-December.

Shropshire and its surrounding counties are famous for producing quality stock, and our auctions attract vendors and buyers from a vast area. They witness up to 4,500 head come under Nick Champion’s hammer at each sale.

What’s on offer?

Mainly Suffolk and Continental cross store lambs

Breeding ewes, particularly North Country and Welsh mules

Grazing and cull ewes


Sale Dates for 2017 - Saturday 12th August, Saturday 9th September, Saturday 14th October, Saturday 18th November and Saturday 16th December.

(Catalogues available for download prior to the sale)

August Sheep Sale
12th August 17

Prize sale of store lambs, also breeding ewes, cull ewes and rams.

September Sale
9th September 17

The sale field reached near capacity at the sale on Saturday with 3248 store lambs, breeding ewes and cull ewes and rams forward at the sale.

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October Sale
14th October 17

Prize sale of store and ewe lambs, also breeding ewes and rams, grazing and cull ewes and rams

November Sheep Sale
18th November 17

Sale of store and ewe lambs, also stock, cull and grazing ewes, wethers and rams.  


December Sale
16th December 17

Christmas prize sale of store lambs, and cull ewes and rams 

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